Santander’s My Account

Our mission for the My Account was to create a simple, personalized customer experience and reduce customer support phone calls. Our team worked with many parts involved in our project including developers, business VP and most importantly our customer support staff and customers. Below is shortened version of the team’s process and journey into finally getting the product launched.

1. Observation

We observed how the CSR (customer service representatives) worked on various tasks and took notes on painpoints, suggestions, and recorded how they used the interface. For the backend monitoring we used Google Analytics. 

2. Research

Our findings revealed to us areas of the interface that we could improve on. The number of pages and buttons were overwhelming to the user, and 35% of the pages and buttons were unused.

We used card sorting exercises with the users and volunteers to help us create an improved sitemap and flowchart for the system as well as define user personas.

3. Wireframing

Before we started wireframing we talked and collaborated with our developers about features we wanted to implement and create a timeline for some technology features that needed phases to be complete. 

4. Prototype

The wireframes were converted into prototypes for users to test with. As we learned from them we continually updated the wireframes and prototype for them to use. We tested on both desktop and mobile during the process.

5. Production

Stakeholders were shown of our mockups and validated with our research and usability testing. Digital assets, styleguides, high-fidelity mockups for the developers to develop. 

Iterations and improvements continue onward as we keep monitoring user activity and open to their feedback.