Santander’s MyAccount

The mission goal for the MyAccount project was to create a simple to use, personalized customer experience that would also reduce customer support phone calls. Deliverables for this project include research documentation, wireframing, prototyping, and high fidelity mockups.


We observed it’s current state by talking with the agents, seeing their workflow, recording screen workflows and monitoring Google Analytics.

We observed how the CSR (customer service representatives) worked on various tasks and took notes on painpoints, suggestions, and recorded how they used the interface. For the backend monitoring we used Google Analytics.


Insights from data collected during the research phase were captured and organized into Personas, Journey Maps, flowcharts and shared with the rest of the team and presented to stakeholders.

Mobile First Design

To ensure we had the essential features and that our screens would be responsive, we designed the app mobile first. Though limiting in screen size, designing within these parameters got us to prioritize content that was most essential to the user first. This also translated to other devices and screen sizes easier.


The wireframes were converted into prototypes for users to test with. As we learned from them we continually updated the wireframes and prototype for them to use. We tested on both desktop and mobile during the process.